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Welcome to Silverhill Mill. What started as a hobby has turned into a business that is honoring the heritage of our small community. We have a great selection of wood that is locally sourced- black walnut, pecan, white oak, persimmon, red oak, laurel oak, sawtooth oak, red cedar, juniper, black cherry, loblolly, long leaf pine, and cypress. We make custom pieces, including charcuterie and cutting boards, furniture, live edge slabs and fill custom and specialty orders.



Six days before Hurricane Sally hit Alabama, my wife and I received our sawmill. Little did we know, the amount of devastation Sally would bring to Baldwin County.

While helping the community clean up, we were able to remove the trees that were blown down and mill them. 

Since then, we wanted to give those trees a new purpose. we have made it into a hobby of ours to repurpose the wood into pieces that will live on for generations to come. 



21638 County Road 49
Silverhill, AL 36576

(251) 979-2521

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I love Silverhill Mill, I am proud to say I’ve gotten to know the family behind the magic! They are incredible people and if you like their product they deserve your business!.
Now for the product review . The Black Walnut board I purchased from them was a gift to my mother. She loved charcuterie boards but didn’t have one with a big heart on the end!
The wood is hand picked and the craftsmanship is excellent! My mother has since passed away. I will always keep this board as a memory of her and the times we had laughing and eating around this piece.
I know it will last a lifetime!
Thank you to the Chandlers! Y’all are incredible people!

David Nelson

They do beautiful work. I am a realtor and I purchase their cutting boards for client gifts when we sell their house or they buy a house. Everyone just loves them.

Wonderful craftsmanship! I highly recommend Silverhill Mill!

Charlotte Gray

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